Landscaping and Pool Planning in Rochester, NY

At Woodstream Landscape & Design we visualize and construct high quality landscapes that are meant to provide years of enjoyment and great memories. Our expertise is in visualizing, designing, and delivering outdoor experiences that impress, while listening to and valuing the wishes of our customers.

We've delivered custom landscaping and pool designs to the Rochester, New York area, Monroe County, and beyond for over 25 years. Please browse our site to learn more about our work and who we are, then call us at (585) 202-0623 or email us to schedule a FREE visit.

What makes a home beautiful doesn’t start at the doorstep, it begins at the street and extends to the very edge of the property. An attractive, well-conceived landscape shows that you care about quality and good design, creating an impression of what the inside of your home is like.

So how do we ensure success? By investing our time in the design phase at the beginning of a project. We understand that a well-thought out plan and an experienced team is vital to achieving impressive results. We deliver these top-end results because we are passionate about our art and serious about our craftsmanship. Because where you begin sets the course for where you finish. Outdoor experiences that enhance your life.

Studies suggest that there are sound financial reasons to invest in “vacationing at home”. However, a beautiful outdoor living space will bring returns far beyond monetary gain.

At times, it’s simply a comfortable spot to “connect” with your spouse and kids. Other times, It transforms into the center of a large social gathering for friends and family to enjoy. It’s also an engaging environment that your kids and their friends will want to spend time in (which allows the nosey parent in all of us to check up on them).

When it comes to the “feel” of an outdoor living space, there is a huge difference between an ordinary backyard and an extraordinary backyard. Maybe you’re not sure where to begin. We invite you to make the most of your time by taking an hour of ours. The first visit to talk about your pool design and consider a plan is always FREE!

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