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Experience Matters

Why are our projects always so different? Partially it’s the quality of the materials we use and the care we take in our installations, but mostly it is about creative and thoughtful design. Our in house design team is unique because it consists of one of the area’s top Landscape designers with education, passion, and experience in landscape architecture, horticulture, construction, and art. Our designer, Bill Carr has over 25 years of experience designing landscapes in both the north and the south. Bill is intimately involved in the daily design and decision making process for every project. Your design looks good because of the time and care that was spent creating your unique plan. A single plan can take anywhere from 5-10 hours to complete. But you are getting more than that. Learning to apply visual design principles fluently takes years of experience. In a very real sense it took 25 years and 5-10 hours to create your landscape plan. Your project is more than a job to us, its part of our life’s work. Call for a free consultation and “Experience the difference that experience makes”.

Our Design philosophy

We believe landscapes need strength from simplicity, purity and form. This creates a strong, lasting framework which is emphasized using texture, color, rhythm, and scale. Underlying a beautiful landscape design is the skillful use of art elements (color, line, form and texture) and design principles (such as scale, proportion, repetition, rhythm, focalization, and contrast). These tools form the basis of all visual design and their creative application is what has set our work apart. A quality landscape will have balance and restraint. Uniqueness without balance can simply become tacky. We strive to maintain quality workmanship, choice materials and a strong commitment to established design principles.

Every job is different

Every project has different possibilities and constraints, therefore, every design solution must be different. Our ultimate goal is to provide each project with an original design idea, compatible with your lifestyle. Our Inspiration comes from the unique characteristics of your home’s architecture as well as existing structures, circumstances, terrain, and environment.

All pictures on this site are from actual jobs designed and installed by Woodstream Landscape

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