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Typical Front Landscapes

Drive into any 5+ year old housing tract and you will clearly see the results of a typical landscape installation. It’s usually the same outcome. A busy assortment of plantings, without any rhyme or reason that are beginning to look overdone. These landscapes initially appeared to improve the curb appeal because they were new and there was nothing there. However as things mature, even though most of the plants are thriving, these projects are somehow, actually looking worse. Usually, this is a result of not having a coherent design, with strong underlying design principles.

A good design based on sound design principles insures the composition of the house and its surroundings won’t visually fall apart as it matures. Helping to retain the front curb appeal.

Thinking of installing your own landscaping

Installing a landscape properly is hard work, but it’s not complicated. Most homeowners, with a little sweat and muscle, can successfully grow plantings. Today’s garden centers have huge selections of plants that will grow and thrive in your landscape. Therein lies the problem, because choosing the plants is only a small part of what it takes to create a visually appealing landscape that will look better with time. The key to creating a quality landscape is a sound design.

Landscape Design is key

A good front landscape is usually strong and simple. It will reflect the architecture of your home and by using time tested principles of visual design, it will seamlessly blend the house with its surroundings into an attractive “whole”. Over time, a landscape based on sound design principles will improve as it ages, creating attractive visual flow with an emphasis on accentuating your house. It strives to combine the landscape’s architecture and building’s architecture into an attractive, cohesive composition which has lasting curb appeal. The added benefit of having the right design, is less maintenance. Much less maintenance!!

Every landscape company and most garden centers offer landscape design. However, the skills needed to design beautiful lasting landscape projects are broad. They include horticulture knowledge, but more importantly they include skillful application of visual design principles. The reality is, most landscapers and garden centers have a strong knowledge of plants & horticulture but they lack the design skills to maximize your curb appeal and ensure a lasting project.

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