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Hardscape Installations

During construction, proper compaction, drainage, and industry best practices are essential to avoiding future problems. You can feel confident because we stand behind our landscape construction with a 2-year warranty on all labor and materials.

Planting Installations

Over the last 25 years we have installed well over 40,000 plants. As a result we’ve become competent at executing this phase of your project, and can deliver it for a very affordable price! The key, of course is a well thought out plan, but we also take extra steps to ensure success.
  • When preparing your landscape, we raise the beds with organic topsoil which creates an environment that greatly improves root growth. Not many companies take the time to do this but we find it helps with longevity as well as enhancing the overall visual appeal of your project.
  • We Choose healthy, structurally sound, northern grown plants
  • We provide a 1 year warranty on plants. After that, if something dies, we can get it for you at our wholesale cost.

Do it Yourself Option

Most people understand the value of a quality landscape project. It goes beyond the well documented financial return on investment. It includes the satisfaction you get and the leisure time it provides. However, sometimes having us install your project just doesn’t fit into your budget.

We break down plantings and hardscapes into materials and labor costs. That way you can see what it will cost if you provide the labor. This gives us the opportunity to still guide you thru the project, but you save on the installation cost.

All pictures on this site are from actual jobs designed and installed by Woodstream Landscape

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