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Spaces That Connect

Throughout your life some of your best memories probably took place outside, swimming, playing games, sitting around a warm fire on a crisp fall night, dining with family and friends.

Maybe it’s because there are less distractions, maybe it’s because the space feels more intimate, or maybe life just feels better outside, but the fact is, people connect in outdoor spaces. Connecting with friends and family is what it means to be human. We are naturally social creatures and we are subconsciously wired to make social connections.

However, our lives are busy and full of distractions, and under the pretense of connectivity we can actually become more isolated. Having a great space to connect with friends and family helps life decelerate, replenishing a sense of well-being. Creating great spaces is what architects, interior designers, landscape architects strive for. Spaces that “feel” right. Spaces where people want to gather………Spaces that connect.

Live Life…. Outdoors.

Most people would love to come home, step into an outdoor living space and forget about their work. Shifting into an experience that enhances their life.

Over and above any other type of space, being outside can effortlessly transform us into a more calming emotional state. Maybe it’s the tranquil sounds of nature such as songbirds, or the relaxed natural movement such as clouds or leaves. Maybe it’s natural light.

Studies show that natural light and the way it causes us to experience our surroundings outside helps trigger our sense of well-being. Natural light gives outdoor space more depth and richer color than indoor space, and perhaps these things help to influence our moods, emotions and frame of mind. Although we may not know exactly what triggers our appreciation of the outdoors. What we all know, in our hearts and in our bodies, being outside just feels good! You don’t need research studies to tell you that!

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