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When used in an outdoor project, natural stone can create unrivaled ambience and structure. Giving your project classic beauty. No other building material comes close to the beauty or the quality of natural stone.


We use stone masons that are skilled at using natural stone to build dry laid stone walls. The high quality of these walls add timeless beauty and appeal to your outdoor space. You can see a huge difference when comparing walls that are “hand worked” to walls that are simply stacked.

Weathered Boulders

Another option we offer that adds to the look of our projects, is the use of weathered boulders to create accents and outcroppings. The natural look of these boulders adds interesting texture and form to your landscape composition. Since we are able to directly source this material, the cost is very reasonable.

Weathered Boulder Walls

Natural boulders can be used in place of man made blocks to create retaining walls. They are longer lasting and add a natural ambience to your project. We directly source this material creating a cost effective solution for retaining walls and grade changes.

Natural Flagstone instead of Pavers?

When we install natural flagstone it gives the entire project a timeless look of quality. Natural stone is unrivaled in the way it looks, lasts, and resists fading.

It used to be very expensive (material wise and labor wise) to install flagstone. We now directly source thermal gauged flagstone saving us 30% on the material. Thermal gauged flagstone is cut stone that is gauged to provide a consistent thickness, which saves money because it is less labor intensive to install than natural cleft flagstone.

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